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AGM - Annual General Meeting

Attention Getter Each year, WUSPBA holds a meeting to vote on new officers and consider changes to bylaws and rules for the association.

If you wish to submit a proposal to change the bylaws or contest rules please read How to Write an AGM Proposal.


October 18-20th 

Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas

AGM Timeline

Friday October 18, 2013
6PM to 7PM - Games Sponsors Meeting/CTAMS in depth - No Host Happy Hour in Bar
7PM to 9PM - Drumming for Drinks and Kitchen Piping

Saturday October 19, 2013
8AM to 8:30 AM - Check In and Quorum Count
8:30AM - Call to Order and Introductions
8:40AM - Approval of 2012 Minutes
8:45AM- Officer and Music Board Reports
9AM - New Initiative Reports
9:30AM - New Business - Amendments to Bylaws and Contest Rules
When New Business Completed - Election of Officers, 50th Anniversary Contest Winners, Aggregate Winners

12 Noon - Lunch Break

1PM - Resume Meeting if Necessary
3PM - CTAMS In-Depth Andy's Room - New EC Meeting Stu's Room - First Workshop Session -

Band Ensemble Workshop - Main Ballroom - Schedule subject to change

5PM - Dinner Break

7PM - Concert David Hilder, Shaunna Hilder and Duncan Millar

Sunday October 20, 2013
9AM - Second Workshop Sessions - Rooms TBD
10:30 - Third Workshop Session - Rooms TBD
12 Noon Conclude

To be announced.

Proposal Deadline
"The deadline to submit proposals for bylaws and/or contest rule changes for the 2013 AGM was September 4."

Officer Elections
The following are the offices were filled via the election at the AGM:

Vice President - Stuart Baker
Sanctioning Secretary - Todd Brown
Solo Registrar - Erin Gunn

Officer Appointments
Any necessary appointments will be made by the Executive Committee
Jeff Mann was appointed as President after John Biggar stepped down mid-term.
Andy Trimble was appointed as Chairman of the Music Board.

Proposals For Changes to ByLaws & Contest Rules:
(Plain text or Adobe Acrobat PDF Files as noted.)

Bylaws Proposals:

B-SoloRegrading - Music Board (PDF) PASSED with some wording changes

B-BandRegradingWording - Music Board (PDF) PASSED

B-ECpowersGrantWaivers - Jeff Mann (PDF) PASSED with some wording changes

B-AppointBranchPresident - Jeff Mann (PDF) PASSED

Contest Proposals:

CR-BassDrumGradeAddition - Bruce Baker (PDF) WITHDRAWN

CR-SameDayGameSanctioning - Jeff Mann (PDF) TABLED and referred to committee

CR-SoloPipingMusicSheets - Bruce Baxter (PDF) FAILED

CR-Band15DayTransfers - Drew McPheeters (PDF) PASSED

CR-BandRosterException - Drew McPheeters (PDF) WITHDRAWN

CR-Grade4Bands-MMSR-MAP - Martha Hall, Galand Halloowell, Scott Larson (PDF) FAILED

CR-RemoveVoteProcedureFromCR - Andrew Lenz (PDF) PASSED

CR-Grade5BandMS68elimination - Jennifer Febre (PDF) FAILED

CR-SoloDrummingRecordedMusic - Stu Baker (PDF) PASSED with some wording changes

CR-SchedulingOrganizationBands - Janice Richey (PDF) PASSED

CR-Grade5BandsReplaceMS68withTLM - Stu Baker (PDF) PASSED with some wording changes

CR-RegisteredInstructorNoVoteNeeded - Kylene Tanner (PDF) PASSED

Official Minutes of the 2012 (previous year) AGM
DRAFT AGM Minutes 2012


The following are links to past proposals, minutes, officer votes, etc. for previous years of AGMs.

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