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WUSPBA with the Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations (ANAPBA) has agreed to inform our members and members of other associations of items of interest to all associations. This page is updated infrequently.

ANAPBA 2011 North American Invitational

It was announced at the WUSPBA 2009 (November) AGM in Las Vegas by Nevada State Senator Nolan that Las Vegas Events has approved approximately $2,000,000 for a grand-scale international pipe band competition and tattoo to be held in Las Vegas in April 2011. The precise venue in the Las Vegas area has yet to be determined.

Read the official announcement (PDF, 390K) made by ANAPBA.

RSPBA Presentation of the MAP program:
Saturday, March 25, 2006 Teleconference Outline (PDF file, 570K)

January 28, 2006
Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations
Presidents Meeting

I. Minutes Discussion

There were two minor corrections to the minutes.

II. Treasurers Report

There is no official report but Aaron indicated that the balance was about $1500.

III. Website Report

Statistics were provided on a report. Rob brought up concerns about the website not being current and communication issues with some of the associations. It was pointed out that the content was the issue. The question was asked if someone should be paid. There was a discussion of what type of material should be put on the website. It was decided that Ian would be asked if he wanted to include collecting content to his job which includes: contact updates, association news, other information, Association news and info. There is an honorarium that will be offered.

IV. Copyright Issues

Rob presented a PowerPoint about copyright issues. He stated that current law states that we should be recognizing the composers and should be paying user fees in some way. The Canadian organization covering this is already requiring fees to cover the uses of this music. The recommendation is that the associations be aware of these issues.

V. Promoting Education

Rob talked about the idea that in other types of music associations as people get higher rankings they also include increased education. In RSPBA as levels are increased, theory and history are part of the requirement. The recommendation is that associations include some type of theory and history education in their areas as well as competition elements.

VI. Members in Two Associations

Stuart brought up an issue with instructor rules across associations. Drew had an issue with an individual in two bands in two associations. There was discussion about one man one band rules. The recommendation was for a pub committee to be formed.

VII. Scoring Systems

Ron introduced a new scoring sheet and asked what associations were doing. He suggested that we move to a similar sheet so that judges that cross associates will be familiar with the form. It was brought up that the music board meeting was covering. The recommendation was that presidents should be sure that music boards are moving towards that type of sheet.

VIII. Juvenile and Grade 5 Bands

Marlene asked what other associations were dong for these areas. Most associations have a grade 5. Some associations have juvenile classification.

IX. Disney World

It was moved that Sandy be the point person for working with the Disney World folks. There was a point made that this was only offering a venue. Sandy felt that there might be better offers out there. Rob felt that ANAPBA didn’t have the structure or the mandate to do this. The motion passed.

X. Visioning

Jeff reviewed the minutes from all the meetings to see the direction that we have gone. He asked that we provide ideas about what ANAPBA could do. Brainstormed Answers:

1.) Communication – Website, links to events
2.) ANAPBA – More convention style with each association presenting and answering questions
3.) Need to better about execution
a. Midterm conference call to encourage execution and participation by all associations
b. Tracking system for progress
c. Website use to post bylaws
4.) Continue with current events, hot topics and add to the website
5.) Education of instructors – accreditation of instructors
6.) Face to face is a good thing
7.) In future – Championship

XI. RSPBA Update

• Kevin thanked us for inviting him again. He indicated he was here to provide assistance and guidance for issues that we have.
• He talked about a band from Pakistan that came to the World’s this year.
• RSPBA thanked us for the assistance in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the association. All major competitions had more and more competitors. Meanwhile, the smaller contests are getting smaller.
• RSPBA is working with international judges to familiarize them with RSPBA rules and style. Seven judges have gone through this program. Several people thanked Kevin and RSPBA for this step in getting wider participation. There was a question about increasing the participation in this program and Kevin indicated that RSPBA was looking for more names.
• RSPBA is strongly supporting the MAPP program. It was requested that RSPBA be more open with in about this program with some possible teleconferences for ANAPBA Bands that are traveling over this year.
• RSPBA is going to start a training program for drum majors.
• RSPBA is upgrading the website.
• Scotland, not RSPBA, is having big problems with child protection. The government is requiring that at least one person in every RSPBA band be trained so that a child can come to speak with them if they need.
• Sandy talked about getting a voice on the committee that works on the World’s.
• There was a question about whether there was an age limit on judges. Kevin indicated that the adjudicators had recommended the applications are accepted up to the age of 75.
• There was a question about whether RSPBA would put a maximum on the number of pipers that could compete. The answer was no.
• The question was whether RSPBA would allow there to be a North American qualifier. The answer was no because then Australia, New Zealand, etc. would want one.
• There was a question about the set up for the World’s in that the qualifiers give an unfair advantage to the local bands and the better bands. Other bands have to play three times in the day and so they end up not placing usually.

XII. Instructor Certification

There was discussion about the need for some program of certification for instructors. There was agreement that something will need to happen. The recommendation was for a pub committee to discuss the idea further.

XIII. Website Upgrade Ideas

There were a number of ideas about upgrading the website.

Matrixes for Competition rules
New look and feel
Links to Rules and Regs and By-Laws
Blogs on specific topics

XIV. Adjudicators Judging Events in Other Associations That They Are Not Qualified For

There was discussion about what qualifications judges have in each association and who judges are certified. It was mentioned that the people in charge of seeing that judges were qualified should be the chair of piping and drumming for the games and the association sanctioning system. Some associations have limits on the number of contests a single judge can do in a year. There was a recommendation that when associations are using judges from other associations that those are associations are contacted to notify them of the use and to confirm qualifications.

XV. Presentation on Sanctioning

Lisa did a presentation on the sanctioning process in the Western United States Pipe Band Association.

XVI. Budget

Discussion about the budget included money for conference calls, a MAPP Conference Workshop, and line items to cover other costs. It was approved.

XVII. Location for Next Year

Toronto and WUSPBA flip flop so WUSPBA will be hosting in 2007 in Las Vegas or Orlando, Toronto in 2008, and tentatively in Alberta in 2009. It was approved.

XVIII. ANAPBA Championship

It is proposed for the last weekend in January and, for the time being, in Disney World Complex. There are other details including prize money and scheduling. The games would be sanctioned by SUSPBA. Grades three, four and five would be encouraged to attend. It was approved to move forward with some type of games with accreditation by ANAPBA.

XIX. MIAC Recommendations

1.) Recommend that associations hold MAPP contests to prepare bands to go to games in Scotland. Approved
2.) Instructor Rules are similar so accept reciprocity. Approved

Recommendations and Suggestions from Music Initiatives Advisory Committee (MIAC)

  • In terms of MIAC goals and initiatives, we recommend that the MIAC move away from rules and policy making recommendations and more toward education with continued collaboration among associations.
  • We would prefer a general forum at summits where each association reports on issues and other associations provide feedback.
  • The MIAC members would like to communicate through electronic means (i.e., forum) between summits when issues arise and to summarize professional development seminars.
  • Recommendation: Given 2 piping, 1 drumming, 1 ensemble judge, the ranking system shall be used. And in the event of a tie, the ensemble place shall take preference regardless of number of bands.
  • We recommend that Grade 5 bands play a Quick March Medley of 2:45-4:30.
  • We would like to see agreement from the presidents regarding roster reciprocity, and report violations.
  • We recognize that the RSPBA will be piloting the new MAP program in their jurisdiction and recommend that North American Associations disseminate information regarding MAP requirements and encourage contests to offer a MAP contest for critique, weighted heavily by ensemble, by two or more adjudicators for those Grade 4 and novice juvenile bands traveling overseas, time permitting.
  • We realize that there are differences among associations regarding solo light music and piobaireachd grades. We recommend that associations recognize the equivalent grade levels assigned by the home associations.

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