Solo Renewal Notices Going Out Via E-mail

2011 Solo Renewal email notices are being sent to all 2009 and 2010 registered soloists to the email address on file with the Registrar. if you do not receive your notice by Jan 1st, either use the form provided here or use the online registration process.

Remember, the online process only requires a .50 cent fee -- much less than the cost of an envelope, stamp, writing out a check and driving to the post office!

Renewals must be submitted either online or postmarked no later than 1/15/2011 in order to avoid the late fee.

ATTN: Tenor Drummers
Amateur Tenor drummers need to review the new solo grade requirements prior to renewing. All current grade 1 and 2 solo tenor drummers may renew into any tenor grade (even 3 & 4) without contacting the Executive committee for special permission. If you have questions after reviewing the new tune requirements, please contact the Music Board for direction. This does not apply to Professional Tenor Drummers wishing to change grades; if this applies, you must contact the Executive Committee for permission to downgrade.

Judge and Associate member renewals are also being sent out this week.

Persons who have already registered for 2011 via the online method do not need to re-register and should expect their competition materials to arrive via email shortly after January 1st.

Please send email address updates to the Solo Registrar using the address located on the Administration page.

Thank you.
Elaine Hoffman
Solo Registrar