Western United States Pipe Band 50th Anniversary Tune Collection


WUSPBA Golden Jubilee Collection cover image


I am happy to announce that we now have in print and ready to order the WUSPBA 50th Anniversary Tune Collection Book.  This is a collection of ninety contemporary tunes for the Great Highland Bagpipe compiled by the Western United States Pipe Band Association to commemorate their Golden Jubilee year 2013 and comprising tunes composed by pipers with the Association area.

To order your copy click on the link below for ordering information.  The cost for the book is $25.00 and all proceeds go back to the WUSPBA for educational purposes.




Queen Mary Games 2014


I want to reach out to make sure you know that we are now in process of getting the games organized for 2014.  We have digitized all of the Entries for 2014.  This includes Bands as well as Solo's.  You can go on to the Queen Mary Website and everything you need will be there.  You will have to enter the band this year through the website.  We are doing this for several reasons.  Mainly to make sure you get all the information for the weekend.  Discount Parking, Tickets, W-9, and all info for you to have a great weekend.  Bands will receive tickets for the band members and a handful of parking passes.

We will only be having a Grade 3 and 4 Band competition this year.  Based on number of entries, we might be able to have grade 5 bands play up into grade 4.

I have sent this e-mail to all bands that have attended the past few years.  Please confirm that your band will be attending.  I have spoke to some of you already but please respond to this e-mail.   As in the past we will have a great Judging panel for your band and solo players.

Also, We will be expanding the Piping area this coming year so we will have a larger area for bands.  It is possible the contest area will move back to the area in front of the ship.  More info to come soon!  We also are looking into a VIP Area for Bands/Competitors ONLY for Food and Beverage.  This will be a great area for band members to get food and drink quickly and not stand in lines with the public.  I am sure it will be a limited format but it will be a place that will be available for the band members. More coming on this.

Let me know if you have any questions.  See you soon and be safe over the Holiday season.

Scott MacDonald

Queen Mary Games
28581 Rancho Maralena
Laguna Niguel,CA 92677