Drum Major Info

Welcome to the Western United States Pipe Band Association's Drum Major's Resource website. This site provides information relating to the pipe band drum major, "Scottish" drum major, and drum major contests within WUSPBA. A special page titled "Start a Contest" will assist highland game's sponsor in need of information on how to organize and run a drum major competition at their games. The Resource is also useful to pipe bands interested in learning about the drum major and how to wear their uniforms correctly.

Browse the Drum Major's Resource for information regarding:

  • How to wear the uniform of a Scottish

    drum major.

  • Competitions within the WUSPBA region.
  • Links to additional resources
  • Judges and instructors list
  • How to start a Drum Major Competition

This site also includes: videos of drum major competitions, the complete WUSPBA drum major competition rules, and an introduction to drum major competitions. A competition course diagram is provided for drum majors and game's sponsors to study. Use this information and share it with others.

All the best in your endeavors as a
pipe band drum major!


View our video on how to correctly
wear a plaid on the Uniform page.