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Outcome of Elections at the 2017 WUSPBA Annual General Meeting:

President = Kevin Conquest
Executive Secretary = Christina Marshall
Treasurer = Nate Lorenz
Band Registrar = Jeff Mann

Congratulations to our new officers!

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Outcome of Bylaw and Contest Rule Proposals at the 2017 WUSPBA Annual General Meeting:

B1 - Authority to Refuse and Exclude Members = Referred to Committee
CR1- Adding a Smallpipes Category to Solo Piping Competition = Failed
CR2- Changes to Grade 3 Solo Snare Drum Competition = Withdrawn
CR3- Playing in Another Grade = PASSED
CR4- Change to Rules Regarding Solo Leets = PASSED with amendments
CR5- Eliminate Obsolete Solo Piping Events = Withdrawn
CR6- Method to Determine Aggregate Winners in Solo Competition = PASSED
CR7- Exclusion of Solo Competitors from Participation = Failed
CR8- Exclusion of Pipe Bands from Participation = Failed
CR9- Dress Requirements in Heat = PASSED with amendments
CR10-Revision to Highland Dress Requirements = Withdrawn
CR11- Band Disqualification Due to Tardiness = Referred to Committee with amendments
CR12- Clarify Band Circle, Final Tuning Location, etc. = Referred to Committee
CR13- Changes to Registered Instructor Policy = Withdrawn
CR14- Changes to Grade 5 QMM Requirements = PASSED with amendments (2019 season)
CR15- Remove Grade 4 Mini-MSE = Withdrawn
CR16- Changes to Grade 4 MSR Requirements = PASSED with amendments (2019 season)
CR17- Change the Number of Required Pipers in Grade 4 Band Competition = PASSED
CR18- Comprehensive Reorganization of Band Contest Rules Section = PASSED

The updated bylaws and contest rules will be posted to the WUSPBA website this week.

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AGM Attendees: The Desert Branch cordially invites you to Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Pub & Restaurant on Saturday November 18th at 6:30PM for an evening of camaraderie.

906 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Bring your pipes or drum if you'd like to busk. Everyone is welcome. See you there!

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