Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board (PDQB)

The PDQB is not a course, and does not directly teach. It is an exam based certification program to demonstrate you have learned the fundamentals at various levels.

In each step of your piping and/or drumming journey you can work on the topics which will be assessed on the various PDQB exams. In turn, you can feel assured you are learning all one would need to be proficient at this art. 

Each level of the PDQB will test you on a variety of performance aspects of piping and drumming, as well as detailed music theory. 

For teachers, preparing one’s students for a successful outcome will ensure you are teaching appropriate material for the current ability of each student. Ultimately, this may improve your effectiveness as a teacher. 

Many associations are beginning to use advanced PDQB exams as an effective tool to initiate judges and teachers. 

Over the next several months, WUSPBA will be working on providing easy access to the PDQB exams for all of its members. We will outline what will need to be known and performed in order to pass each exam. 

Please note, PDQB exams preparation should be done with an instructor. WUSPBA does not wish to be a substitute for proper instruction. If you need help finding a great instructor near you, or online, please feel free to contact WUSPBA for guidance. 

Last updated February 2020