WUSPBA Outreach Initiative 2022 - Reaching Everyone!

On October 23, 2021, I spoke to the membership at the Annual General Meeting regarding the WUSPBA Outreach Initiative 2022 - Reaching Everyone!

This initiative involves three steps:

  1. Personal inspiration.
  • The pandemic has disrupted personal lives, as well as many bands and soloists. Opportunities have been radically decreased as a result for participating in piping and drumming activities.
  • Our members may be evaluating the important priorities including how their hobbies will continue to fit in their lives.
  • The organization would like to share how our members are finding inspiration and joy in their lives, as well as in piping and drumming.
  • Solo members: how are you finding inspiration and joy in your personal lives? Show us what you’re doing to continue your hobby, i.e. playing in a park, or safely playing for others. Send us a description and/or a video.
  1. Band inspiration:
  • During the pandemic, meeting in groups, no matter the activity, was and is difficult. Musicians especially can’t play with each other over the internet.
  • Many band members are discouraged or have found other involvement, even as bands are able to resume in-person practice. It is a struggle for many bands to have enough members to play.
  • Band members: how are you reaching out to those members or pipers and drummers who used to play in bands and have stopped playing?
  • Please share your ideas with us on how you are welcoming back members or invigorating your group with a description and/or a video.
  1. Giving back and moving forward. Keeping the band and soloists active and invigorated:
  • What activities are you doing to keep the momentum going?
  • While gigs and competitions have yet to increase, are there opportunities that can give back to others and/or the community? For example, playing for those who are shut-in (nursing homes), or groups that would not ordinarily utilize your services.
  • Show us what you are doing and help inspire others: send us a description and/or video of your activities.

Right now, for the next 3 months, we would like to concentrate on Step 1: Personal inspiration; self-care and revitalization. The individual is the foundation for family and community; without the self-care for each of us, we won’t be able to help ourselves, bands, and organizations.

Let me know some of the things that you do to re-charge your batteries.

  • What have you learned from the pandemic that has affected your priorities?
  • What is your plan moving forward?
  • What are things that you can think of that might help others in our WUSPBA Family who may be encountering some of the same struggles?
  • With the holidays coming up, what are some of the traditions/customs that help build your spirits and recharge your thinking?

Please let me know and we will post these thoughts on the 2022 Initiative section of the website.  When you send your ideas and thoughts in, please let me know if it is OK to post your comments and if I can use your name or you may wish to remain anonymous.

I am asking for your help.  Please email me at [email protected]

Looking forward to the New Year and competition season with renewed vitality and resolve!

I wish you the very best for this upcoming Holiday Season.


Kindest regards,

Jeffrey M. Mann, President