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  • December | 9 | 2014

    Midland Highland Arts Festival “Winter Storm”

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    Winter Storm – Winter Storm]

  • December | 5 | 2014

    Highlights from the WUSPBA AGM

    The following items are highlights from the WUSPBA AGM:

    Officer Elections:
    Vice President-Drew McPheeters
    Sanctioning Secretary-Todd Brown
    Solo Registrar- Lezlie Mann



    Re-formatted bylaws-PASSED

    Changing Grades 4 & 5 to 4A and 4B
    Vote on Bylaw proposal-FAILED


    No field entries-WITHDRAWN

    No grade 3 instructors-WITHDRAWN

    Changing Grades: 4 & 5 to 4A and 4B-FAILED

    MINI MSR: Grade 4 taking out QMM and replacing with A Mini-MSR (4 Parts March/ 2 parts Strathspey/ 2 parts Reel)
    Vote on the Contest Rule proposal with original wording-PASSED
    Note: This Contest Rule will not take effect or be added to the published Contest rules
    until the 2016 competition season

    Bass Drumming: adding an Intermediate grade for a total now of three grades -PASSED

    Using the word “Open” instead of “Professional”: -PASSED
    Note: This change will apply to all WUSPBA documents and publications.

    Separating Piobaireachd and Light Music:
    Friendly amendment to change the non-numeric classifications of piobaireachd to the
    standard grades 1-4-Passed
    Vote on proposal with amended wording-PASSED

    Dress Requirements:
    A friendly amendment to add wording to allow national dress-Passed
    Vote on proposal with amended wording-PASSED

    Clarify-one person, one band:
    A friendly amendment to add email as a required piece of information-Passed
    Vote on proposal with amended wording-PASSED


    Eliminating the 5 minute grace period during band competition-PASSED
    Note: The EC would like to strong recommend that Contest Organizers provide a final
    tuning area to help facilitate this band contest rule.

    Grade 2 instructor:
    A friendly amendment was proposed by the MB and accepted by the author. Grade 2
    instructors will not be allowed to perform as the pipe major or the lead drummer.-Passed
    Vote on proposal with amended wording-PASSED

    Change scoring and placing in band contests (3:43pm)-FAILED