ANAPBA - The Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations]

Winter Storm - Winter Storm]

BobDunsire.Com - The best place to start for bagpipe information on the web.

List of North American Grade I & II Pipe Bands

Piping and Drumming Publications

Piping Times - Magazine of The College of Piping, Scotland

Piping Today - Magazine of The National Piping Centre, Scotland

The VOICE - Magazine of EUSPBA


Drumming Web Sites

Drummers Den by Randy Sperl


Piping Web Sites

Andrew Lenz's Competition tips, reference articles.*

Searchable Tune Index James Stewart

Lowland and Border Pipers' Society

The Bagpipe FAQ Carl Stevens

WUSPBA Newsletter Full-Page Sponsors
House of Bagpipes - San Francisco, CA

Year-round Piping Schools
The College of Piping, Glasgow

The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada

The National Piping Centre, Scotland

Other Celtic Music Resources
The Bodhran Page Josh Mittleman

Ceolas Celtic Music Archive Gerard Manning

Galician Bagpipe Page Manuel Carro

Large Piping & Drumming Events outside of WUSPBA
Winter Storm Weekend Kansas City, Missouri - Held each January

Natural Resources Affecting Bagpipe Production
African Blackwood Conservation Project

Mpingo Conservation Project

Vortex Street Music,  piping books, cds plus information on scholarships and awards

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