The next WUSPBA AGM will be held December 2, 2023.

Each year, WUSPBA holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the fall. The location of the AGM rotates between the various branches of WUSPBA or via electronic platform such as zoom. At the AGM, the membership convene to discuss the business of the association, vote on new officers, and consider proposed changes to Bylaws and Contest Rules. The weekend of the AGM also serves as an opportunity for intensive meetings by the Executive Committee and Music Board. Regrading decisions for the following year are typically made during the weekend of the AGM.



Friday, OCTOBER 21, 2022

Workshop by noted author Stephanie Burns, Ph.D. will be presenting a workshop on "Performance Anxiety, Procrastination and rebooting after COVID".  This will start at 7:00 p.m. (Mountain Time)  on Friday evening

Game Sponsors and Piping and Drumming Chair's Meeting Presented by the Office for Strategic Planning for Games Organizers (OSPGO)

Directly following the Stephanie Burns workshop, A meeting for Games Sponsors and/or Piping and Drumming Games Chairs will be held starting at 8:00 p.m. (Mountain time).  A Games Sponsor discussion forum dealing with various issues that Games Sponsors are currently dealing with is on the agenda. So please plan to attend and come with your questions!!!

Proposed Bylaws and Contest Rule Changes for 2023

Bylaws Proposals:

B-1 Bylaws Housekeeping - Proposals Proposed by WUSPBA EC

B-2 Band- Contest-Definition Proposed by WUSPBA EC

B-3 Sanctioning- Adjudicator - Approval Proposed by WUSPBA Sanctioning Secretary, Carol Duarte

Contest Rule Proposals:

C-1 ANAPBA Major Contest Rules Proposed by Jeff Mann

C-2 Rename- Novice- Practice Chanter Proposed by WUSPBA Solo Registrar, Katie Strausser

C-3 Rename- Novice- Practice Pad Proposed by WUSPBA Solo Registrar, Katie Strausser>

C-4 Band Draw Proposed by WUSPBA EC

C-5 Emergency Tenor Proposed by Leisel Shupe

C-6 Multiple Skill Musicians Proposed by Leisel Shupe

C-7 Overall Winners at Contests Proposed by Office of Strategic Planning for Games Organizers (OSPGO) Suzanne Karayel, OSPGO Chair

Submitting Regrading Application

If you are a competitor and wish to be considered for regrading, please see Solo and Band Grading Information.

Submitting Bylaws and Contest Rule Proposals

If you wish to submit a proposal to change the Bylaws or Contest Rules, please read How to Write an AGM Proposal.
All Bylaw and Contest Rule Proposals must be sent to the WUSPBA Executive Secretary 45 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Send submissions to: [email protected]


Proxy Voting Information

Bands and individual members who will not be able to attend the AGM in person may designate another attendee to vote as their proxy. The proxy authorization must be in writing. It is recommended that the member give the written authorization--either a signed letter or an email from address used for WUSPBA correspondence as registered in R2--directly to the individual who will serve as proxy. The individual may then show that written authorization upon check in the morning of the AGM.

Past AGM Information

Future AGM Branch Rotation

Since 2016, each year's AGM has been hosted by a different branch of WUSPBA. Below is the projected branch rotation for the next several years.

  • 2022 WUSPBA AGM - to be hosted by the Great Basin Branch
  • 2023 WUSPBA AGM - to be hosted by the Desert Branch
  • 2024 WUSPBA AGM - to be hosted by the Intermountain Branch
  • 2025 WUSPBA AGM - to be hosted by the Northern Branch
  • 2026 WUSPBA AGM - to be hosted by the Southern Branch

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