This page contains information on the various association branches, judging, membership, and WUSPBA officers, boards, and committees.

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WUSPBA - ATT Robert Baxter 1185 Murdock DR, American Fork, Utah 84003 Regarding the e-mail addresses below: • E-mail addresses listed below must be retyped into your mail program. • Do not send attachments to addresses. Contact the recipient for a personal address.


WUSPBA Officers

Jeff MannPresident
Jeff Mann pres @ wuspba . org ANAPBA Representative
Vice President
Larry Erdmann vice-pres @ wuspba . org General questions and AGM information
Executive Secretary
Kathleen Bell execsec @ wuspba . org General correspondence, records of meeting minutes
Band Registrar
Charlie Butterworth band-registrar @ wuspba . org Band rosters, band results
Solo Registrar
Katie Strausser soloreg @ wuspba . org Solo membership cards, solo results
Sanctioning Secretary
Carol Duarte sanctioning @ wuspba . org Contest sanctioning status
Robert BaxterTreasurer
Robert Baxter treas @ wuspba . org Payment of membership dues and sanctioning fees

Remit to: WUSPBA - ATT Robert Baxter, 1185 Murdock DR, American Fork, Utah 84003
Advisor to the President
Erin Gunn adv @ wuspba . org Sr. Advisor to the President
Chief of Staff
Jessi Frye cos @ wuspba . org Administrative Committees and General questions

Branch Presidents

Northern Branch President
Erin Berta nb @ wuspba . org Northern California & Nevada
Southern Branch President
Ed Best sb @ wuspba . org Southern California
Great Basin Branch President
Bruce Baxter gb @ wuspba . org Idaho, Utah
Intermountain Branch President
Jamie Cuthill im @ wuspba . org Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming
Desert Branch President
Teresa Black despres @ wuspba . org Arizona & Las Vegas


Kevin ConquestPast President
Kevin Conquest past-pres @ wuspba . org Advisor to the Executive Committee

President’s Council

Susan Thornton Chair Chris Hossack Kevin ConquestKevin Conquest
Andrew Morrill Scott MacDonald


Music Board Chair

Ken Sutherland
music-chair @ wuspba . org
Grading, Adjudication, Education and contest rules

Music Board Members

Ryan BalchuckRyan Balchuck B.J. GunnB.J. Gunn Liz TubbsLiz Tubbs
Eli Fugate Lise Nelson Janice RicheyJanice Richey
Jeff AndersonJeff Anderson


Finance Committee Chair

Robert BaxterTreasurer
Robert Baxter
treas @ wuspba . org

Office of Finance Committee

Finance Committee
Nate Lorenz
Stephanie Sigman

Audit Committee
Stephanie Sigman

Scholarship Committee

Office of the Press Corps

Press Secretary
Sue Jacobi pressec @ wuspba . org
Facebook/Social Media
Kimberly Attebery press @ wuspba . org
Twitter/Social Media
Amelia Butcher press @ wuspba . org other media

Office of Strategic Planning for Games Organizers (OSPGO)


John Biggar
Erin Gunn
Committee Member
Suzan Karayel
Larry ErdmannChief Steward
Larry Erdmann
Sanctioning Secretary
Carol Duarte
Committee Member
Cathy Erdmann
Band Registrar
Charlie Butterworth
Solo Registrar
Katie Strausser
Committee Member
Shawn Stewart

Education Council

Ryan Murray
PDQB Drumming Director
Daniel Schneider
Executive Secretary
Cori Knight
Music Board Chair
Ken Sutherland
Bob Mason Ed Best
Beth SachrisonBeth Sachrison Liz Tubbs

Sticks & Chanters Committee

Larry ErdmannChair
Larry Erdmann
Melissa Bautz Bob Mason
Craig Farley Ryan Murray

Youth Education Council Executive Committee

Lachlan AbnerCo-Chair
Lachlan Abner
J.J. GonzalezCo-Chair
J.J. Gonzalez
Jeremiah ButterworthVice Chair
Jeremiah Butterworth
Aaron SalternVice Chair
Aaron Saltern
Cora WilliamsExecutive Secretary
Cora Williams
Ashton SteeleTreasurer
Ashton Steele

Council Members

Amelia ButcherAmelia Butcher Connor StudulskiConnor Studulski Sam DuarteSam Duarte
Lachlan WilliamsLachlan Williams Jayden GonzalezJayden Gonzalez Aidan StudulskiAidan Studulski

Youth Education Council Advisors

Jennifer DeBarrAdvisor
Jennifer DeBarr
Martha HallAdvisor
Martha Hall
WUSPBA Advisor
Larry Erdmann

WUSPBA Stewards

Larry ErdmannChief Steward
Larry Erdmann gb-rep @ wuspba . org
Cathy ErdmannFirst Chief
Cathy Erdmann

Branch Chief Stewards

Suzan KarayelNorthern Branch
Suzan Karayel nb-rep @ wuspba . org Northern California & Nevada
Robert MacTavishSouthern Branch
Robert MacTavish sb-rep @ wuspba . org Southern California
Great Basin Branch
Larry Erdmann gb-rep @ wuspba . org Idaho, Utah
Christina MarshallIntermountain Branch
Christina Marshall im-rep @ wuspba . org Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming
Desert Branch
<not appointed> Arizona & Las Vegas

Information Technology

Todd BrownI.T. Chair
Todd Brown
Katherine StrausserI.T. Technical Advisor
Katherine Strausser
Scot Gilbert web @ wuspba . org


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