The office of Chief Steward resides with the Office of Strategic Planning for Games Organizers (OSPGO)

WUSPBA Chief Stewards

Larry ErdmannChief Steward
Larry Erdmann
Email: gb-rep
Cathy ErdmannFirst Chief
Cathy Erdmann

Larry and Cathy Erdmann are the current WUSPBA Chief Stewards. Their role is to provide instruction and to facilitate the function of the Contest Stewards and Platform Stewards at Highland games. Larry may be contacted at oldpiper001 @ gmail .com .  Cathy Erdmann may be contacted at Erdmann.Cathy @ gmail .com

The WUSPBA Chief Stewards are responsible for:

  • Providing instruction and direction for the running of piping and drumming at Highland Games
  • Providing instruction for the set up of Branch Contest Stewards and Platform Stewards
  • Annual WUSPBA Chief Stewards Meeting with all Branch Contest and Platform Stewards
  • Providing Score Sheets to the Highland games
  • Oversight of the Branch Contest Steward's operations

The following information is to provide help and direction to Branch Contest Stewards and Platform Stewards.

The following map has been created which delineates Highland Games in WUSPBA as well as the Branch Chief Stewards for their area. Click Here to see the map.