The Office of Strategic Planning for Games Organizers (OSPGO)  is a specialized office dealing with any aspect regarding the running of Highland Games and Games Sponsors.  This is a one-stop shop for answers to your questions about setting up and running a Highland Games and what exactly is expected of Games  Sponsors if they are having their piping and drumming events sanctioned through the Western United States Pipe Band Association. 

To contact a member of the OSPGO you may email: ospgo


Suzan Karayel

Robert MacTavishSouthern Branch Contest Steward
Robert MacTavish 

Larry ErdmannGreat Basin Branch Contest Steward
Larry Erdmann
Sanctioning Secretary
Carol Duarte
Great Basin Branch Contest Steward
Cathy Erdmann
Chair & Northern Branch Contest Steward
Charlie Butterworth
Solo Registrar
Katie Strausser