The Office of Strategic Planning for Games Organizers (OSPGO)  is a specialized office dealing with any aspect regarding the running of Highland Games and Games Sponsors.  This is a one-stop shop for answers to your questions about setting up and running a Highland Games and what exactly is expected of Games  Sponsors if they are having their piping and drumming events sanctioned through the Western United States Pipe Band Association. 


John Biggar chairs the office with the following Executive Committee Members:

Carol Duarte, Sanctioning Secretary

Katie Strausser, Solo Registrar

Charlie Butterworth, Band Registrar

Larry Erdmann, Chief Steward

Cathy Erdmann, Assistant Chief Steward

Shawn Stewart, Committee Member

Erin Gunn, Advisor

Suzan Karayel, Advisor

To contact a member of the OSPGO you may email: [email protected]


John Biggar
Erin Gunn
Committee Member
Suzan Karayel
Larry ErdmannChief Steward
Larry Erdmann
Sanctioning Secretary
Carol Duarte
Committee Member
Cathy Erdmann
Band Registrar
Charlie Butterworth
Solo Registrar
Katie Strausser
Committee Member
Shawn Stewart