WUSPBA Music Board

Music Board Chairman
Andrew Morrill
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Grading and contest rules

Music Board Members
Lise Nelson
Lise Nelson, Chair Adjudication Committee
Ross Morrill
Ross Morrill, Chair Education Committee
B.J. Gunn
B.J. Gunn, Chair Grading Committee
Liz Tubbs
Liz Tubbs-MB Administrator
Kevin MacIntyre
Kevin MacIntyre
Glen Kvidahl
Glen Kvidahl
Michael LeBoeuf
Ryan Balchuck
Ryan Balchuck
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson
Janice Richey
Janice Richey
Ryan Murray
Ryan Murray

Band Upgrades 2015 Season

We want to congratulate the following bands on their upgrade.

From Grade 3 to Grade 2
Bushmills Irish Pipers
Queen City
Wasatch and District

From Grade 4 to Grade 3
Denver and District

From Grade 5 to Grade 4
Kevin R. Blandford Memorial
Tucson & District Pipe Band

Solo Upgrades 2015 Season

The following solo competitors have been upgraded. We want to congratulate these soloists and wish them the best of luck in the 2015 season.

From Piping Grade 1 to Professional Piping
Ryan Balchuck
Lance Dorris
Andrew Hahn

From Piping Grade 2 to Piping Grade 1
Dylan Chrismer
Austin Dipenhorst

From Piping Grade 3 to Piping Grade 2
Amy Gollins
Reece Owens

From Piping Grade 4 to Piping Grade 3
Ana Fairbanks-Manhke
Connor Hamnquist
Megan Kenney
Jordan Lagehennig
Elizabeth McCarty
Charlie Morris
Christian Ott
Steven Ricotta
Laura Scott
Duane Soult
Stephanie Trudeau

From Snare Grade 3 to Snare Grade 2
Susie Shoemaker

From Snare Grade 4 to Snare Grade 3
Brendan Hanke
Adam Shuhendler
Brett Speed

From Tenor Grade 3 to Tenor Grade 2
Allyn Dorris

From Bass Amateur to Professional Bass
Stu Baker
William Lang



Grading Committee

The following “Application” forms are to be used for bands and soloists requesting to be upgraded or downgraded.

WUSPBA Application for Band Re-grading

WUSPBA Application for Solo Re-grading


The following “Appeals” forms are to be completed when the soloist or band requests to make an appeal to the Music Board for its grading decision.

WUSPBA Appeals Application for Band Re-grading

WUSPBA Appeals Application for Solo Re-grading


Adjudication Committee

Shadow Program Guidelines

The following sheets are for Band Shadow Adjudication

Band Piping Shadow Adjudication Sheet
Band Drumming Shadow Adjudication Sheet
Band Ensemble Shadow Adjudication Sheet


Education Committee