This year's WUSPBA AGM will be Saturday, November 16, 2019, in Sacramento, California.

The 2019 WUSPBA AGM will be hosted by the Northern Branch at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel in Downtown Sacramento.

Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel
1230 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

The hotel is offering rooms to attendees at a special group rate of $149 per night. This group rate is available until October 15, 2019. EXTENDED to October 21, 2019!

To book a room using the WUSPBA AGM rate, please use the following link:

You may also call (916) 447-1700 and ask for the WUSPBA AGM room rate.

Important Deadlines

September 15, 2019 - Deadline to submit applications for solo and band regrading

October 2, 2019 - Deadline to submit any proposed amendments to the Bylaws or Contest Rules

Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws and Contest Rules

Bylaw Change Proposals - none

Contest Rule Change Proposals (*UPDATED* with vote outcomes)

The Contest Rules may be amended by a simple majority vote at the AGM, per Rule 76 of the WUSPBA Bylaws. A band's vote counts as 7 votes, while an individual member's vote counts as 1. Individual soloist members (i.e. solo competitors) may not vote on proposed changes to the band contest rules, but individual adjudicators, contests sponsors, and life members may vote on all proposed changes.

Officer Elections

The positions of President, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, and Band Registrar are up for election.

All nominations for any of these positions should be submitted to Executive Secretary Christina Marshall. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the AGM. Any nominees must confirm their acceptance of the nomination.

Nominations Received

  • For President
    • John Partanen
    • Jeff Mann
  • For Band Registrar
    • Charlie Butterworth

Please note: incumbent President Kevin Conquest has decided not to stand for re-election.

Candidate Statements

  • John Partanen - candidate for President
    • no statement received
  • Jeff Mann - candidate for President
    • The responsibility and stewardship of the WUSPBA president is to effectively and efficiently serve our members. To that end I feel the following areas are critical to the success of every WUSPBA member and band:
      • Understanding the needs and concerns of our bands, soloists, and games sponsors and to find the best answers and solutions.
      • Developing our educational projects with the Music Board to ensure a level playing field.
      • Finding ways and opportunities to better utilize our adjudicators
      • To watch over the financial state of the association and be transparent
      • Allow more autonomy at the branch level
  • Charles A. Butterworth, PhD - candidate for Band Registrar
    • After being a WUSPBA member for eight years, I want to give back to the organization. For this reason, I am offering my services as band registrar.
    • Jeff and I have communicated over requirements for band registrar. Having used R2 Sports for myself, my two boys, and their band (Colorado Youth PB), I feel comfortable with day-to-day requirements of that system. Logging band scores after competitions and updating the WUSPBA website is done using Microsoft Access which I have used previously for database design and development.
    • I am looking forward to serving WUSPBA and it’s membership.

*UPDATE*: election outcomes

  • President - Jeff Mann
  • Executive Secretary - Christina Marshall
  • Treasurer - Nate Lorenz
  • Band Registrar - Charlie Butterworth

Proxy Voting Information

Bands and individual members who will not be able to attend the AGM in person may designate another attendee to vote as their proxy. The proxy authorization must be in writing. It is recommended that the member give the written authorization--either a signed letter or an email from address used for WUSPBA correspondence as registered in R2--directly to the individual who will serve as proxy. The individual may then show that written authorization upon check in the morning of the AGM.

Minutes from the 2018 AGM