First, review the current Bylaws / Contest Rules, especially the sections that address the subject matter of your proposed rule change. Now you're ready to write your proposal.

In your proposal, it is recommended that you include:

1) EXISTING TEXT: The original text you are proposing to change, also include its section/paragraph numbering;

2) PROPOSED TEXT: Your revised text;

3) RATIONALE: Explain why your suggested change is a good idea, also try to address any possible counter-arguments in this section;

4) COMPARISON: If possible, include how your proposed policy compares to other pipe band associations in ANAPBA (such as the EUSPBA, PPBSO, BC Pipers, etc.).

Proposals for different topics should be submitted separately. (For instance, don't combine a proposal to widen band competition circles with a proposal to require judges to tune the pipes for Grade IV pipers—make them different proposals.)

Proposals must be submitted to the Executive Secretary at least 45 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. (60 or more days is preferred, but 45 days is the minimum.) It is recommended that you send a copy of your proposal to your local Branch President for suggestions on your proposal prior to submitting it to the Executive Secretary, but this is not required.
Please note that all "" accounts do not accept attachments. If you wish to send a message with an attachment, contact the individual in question first to ask for an appropriate e-mail address.

Example proposal:


Existing Text in Contest Rules:
No existing text. Proposed text will appear after the second paragraph in "Part II. Rules and Recommendations for Solo Piping Competitions"

Proposed Text:
"Solo pipers have the option of providing an acoustic guitarist as accompaniment to their piping during solo contests. Any guitarist's performance will be ignored for the purposes of scoring."

Solo piping can be very boring for the judges and listeners. Adding a guitar makes things interesting, especially when playing Beatles tunes in competition. Some people may not like this idea, but it's optional so pipers who don't like it don't have to do it.

Associations Rule Comparison:
I looked through all the other North American associations' contest rules and found that none allow this. We will be on the forefront of a new era in solo piping contests.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Blow Piper, WUSPBA Member #000P4

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