WUSPBA Music Board - 04/09/04

  1. Residency - Prospective adjudicators must reside within the WUSPBA competition sanctioning area unless waived because the prospective adjudicator is determined to be a "resident competitor" (e.g. currently competes at WUSPBA competitions without competing in any events in his/her home association).
  2. Membership - Prospective adjudicators should be members of the WUSPBA.
  3. Application - Application, resume, and self-assessment to the WUSPBA Music Board. Prospective adjudicators must use the WUSPBA Adjudicator Application Form. All applications should be sent to the Music Board Chairperson or Executive Secretary.
  4. Review - Review of application, resume, and self-assessment by the Music Board to evaluate eligibility according to Adjudicator Certification standards.
  5. Decision - The decision of the Music Board will be final.
    • If accepted, applicant is placed in the Adjudicator Development Program that includes the apprentice program and professional development seminars.
    • If not accepted, applicant is advised of deficiencies.
  6. Examination - Adjudicators must pass all appropriate Adjudicators Written Exams for each designated category. Please see the WUSPBA Adjudicator Study Guides for more information (password required).
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