"2016's Recipient of the Epic Project was far and away an easy choice for us.

What struck us most about Linda Snoddy was not her numerous awards, her high GPA, or many talents. It was her selflessness in what she uses her talents for. Linda bagpipes at Garden of Innocence Unclaimed Baby Funerals, the Wounded Heroes Fund of Kern County, and The National Cemetery. This is above and beyond bagpiping at numerous Police Events and Highland Game Competitions.

Linda Snoddy truly Honors the Scottish Community through these acts, and in turn we wish to Honor her dedication by making her this year's Epic Project Recipient.

The Gift to the Recipient is a Solo Competitor Deluxe Package, to be worn in Solo Piping Competitions and used while Piping for the Community at Large.

The Epic Project has been joined by Murray Huggins, Pipe Maker who will also be assisting the Future Recipients.

The Gifting will take place at the Seaside Highland Games in Ventura California the Second Weekend of October 2016. This year's Recipient will be Dressed in Clan Campbell Tartan, the same tartan worn by the Duke of Argyll. This Honor is bestowed upon the Recipient by, Clan Campbell, who were selected to choose 2016's Tartan after they were the first major donor as a Clan to donate to the 2016 Epic Project."

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