WUSPBA Fall 2020 Online Championship


Registration Opens - September 21, 2020

Registration Closes - October 2, 2020 at 6pm (Pacific Standard Time)


Rules for All Events:

  • All participants must be registered soloists with WUSPBA.
  • You may enter events in your grade only.
  • You are allowed one entry per event.
  • Each event must be submitted in a separate YouTube video.
  • Each event video must be made in one complete take (no editing, or splicing), you may use as many attempts as you want.
  • In your video you must be clearly identifiable, as well as your full instrument. Your video must be lighted properly so your face and hands can be clearly seen. Videos with poor lighting or sound (backlighting, face, and hands not clearly visible, distorted sound, etc.) may be not be accepted.
  • Competitors will not be required to wear Highland dress or march.
  • Your YouTube video title must start with the words “WUSPBA Fall 2020 Online Championship” and list your name and the event. For example, “WUSPBA Fall 2020 Online Championship, Bill Smith, Grade 4 2/4 March”.
  • Upload your video to YouTube and set it to Public or Unlisted but not private.
  • You must email your YouTube link to Ken Sutherland, pmsuds@gmail.com, on or before October 10th, 2020 at 6:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time.)
  • At the beginning of your video, please state the competition name, your name, your grade and event, and the name of your tune(s). For example, “WUSPBA Fall 2020 Online Championship, My name is Bill Smith. My event is grade 4 2/4 March. I will play Captain Norman Orr Ewing.” Another option would be to have this same information clearly printed on a piece of paper that you hold up before your performance.

Additional Rules for Solo Drumming Events:

  • Competitors must use a drum.
  • All drumming events that begin with a march or hornpipe must start with two three-pace introduction rolls.
  • You have the choice to play with a live piper or with a recording of a piper.
  • If you choose to use a recording of a piper, the recording may be of a piper playing the Highland bagpipes, Electronic pipes, or practice chanter.
  • Tenor and bass drummers may compete with an optional side drummer, but it is not required. The side drummer may be recorded.
  • You must be in full view of the camera with your face, upper body, hands, and drum all clearly visible. If you use a live piper, they may also be on camera (but not required).
  • Bass drummers should stand with one drumhead facing towards the camera.

A list of all competitors and their results will be posted on the WUSPBA website and winners will be announced at the upcoming AGM. 


For any questions regarding the contest or rules, please email Ken Sutherland, pmsuds@gmail.com

For any questions regarding registration, please email Jeff Mann, Jeffrey.Mann@hsc.utah.edu




G4 Piping:  Slow Air and 2/4 March

G3 Piping: 2/4 March and Strathspey/Reel

G2 Piping: MSR and Jig

G1 Piping: MSR and HP/Jig

Open Piping: MSR and HP/Jig

G4 Snare:  2/4 March

G3 Snare: 2/4 March

G2 Snare: MSR

G1 Snare: MSR

Open Snare: MSR

Novice Tenor: 2/4 March

Intermediate: MSR

Open:  MSR

Novice Bass:  March (any time signature)

Intermediate: MSR

Open:  MSR












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