01/06/2018 Piping at the Mansion Modesto, CA.
02/16/2018 Queen Mary Scottish Festival, Long Beach, CA
02/24/2018 Piping in the Desert, Layton Christian Academy, Layton, UT.
03/3/2018 Redding Indoor Solo Pipe Competition, Redding, CA
03/3/2018 Arizona Scottish Gathering & Highland Games, Phoenix, AZ
03/24/2018 Bakersfield Highland Gathering & Games, Bakersfield, CA
04/07/2018 WUSPBA, Northern Branch Ardenwood, Freemont, CA
04/07/2018 House of Scotland Tartan Day, San Diego, CA
04/14/2018 Las Vegas Celtic Gathering & Highland Games, Las Vegas, NV
04/28/2018 Woodland Celtic Games & Festival, Woodland, CA
05/20/2018 Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival & Scottish Games, Albuquerque, NM
05/25/2018 United Scottish Society Highland Gathering, Costa Mesa, CA
06/09/2018 Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games, Salt Lake City, UT
06/09/2018 Mother Lode Highland Games & Gathering, Plymouth, CA
06/16/2018 Pikes Peak Celtic Festival, Colorado Springs, CO
06/23/2018 San Diego Scottish Highland Games, San Diego, CA
07/14/2018 Payson Scottish Festival, Payson, UT
07/14/2018 Colorado Irish Festival, Littleton, CO
07/21/2018 Arizona Highland Celtic Festival, Flagstaff, AZ
07/21/2018 Elizabeth Celtic Festival, Elizabeth, CO
08/4/2018 Monterey Scottish & Celtic Festival, Monterey, CA
08/4/2018 Colorado Scottish Festival & Rocky Mountain Highland Games, Littleton, CO
08/31/2018 Caledonian Club of San Francisco Games, Pleasanton, CA
09/07/2018 Longs Peak Scottish Festival, Estes Park, CO
09/15/2018 Prescott Highland Games, Prescott, AZ
09/29/2018 Dixon Highland Games, Dixon, CA
10/13/2018 Seaside Highland Games, Ventura, CA
11/3/2018 Moab Celtic Festival, Moab, UT

Aggregate Solo Point Totals