After many months of Zoom meetings and planning to work within the ever-changing Covid regulations, the Caledonian Club of San Francisco has decided to go ahead with a modified Highland Games called “Pleasanton Light.”  We are hosting this reduced-format Games on the regular Labor Day Weekend, September 3 - 5, at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.

We will host Grade 1 -4 solos and Band competitions in Grade 5, 4 and 3 employing one circle.  This is contest is sanctioned by WUSPBA.  Rooms are available at the former host hotel, the San Ramon Marriott, however no social events are planned there, and a block of rooms has not been reserved so far.  Ask for the Caledonian Club rate, in case we can negotiate that!  Additionally, a hotel-to-field shuttle may not be available.

We are operating under the rules dictated by the fairgrounds and the Governor, which limits the number of paying customers.  We can provide the same cash prizes as before, but must limit travel assistance to the first six bands entering in grade 5 and grade 4 who are out of state or from Southern California.

We will not use the track or the main Grandstand this year, so massed bands will be displayed on the soccer pitch both days.  Soccer games will not be happening.  Bands will camp behind the soccer pitch as before, with Clan tents back in their former venue (so forget the migration we had over the last two Games!).  Please fill in the entry form and transmit as soon as possible as we have a limited time to organize the draw for playing time.

We apologize for the restrictions in the face of this pandemic and look forward to future Games getting back to the usual “Big One,” to which we are accustomed.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • John Biggar and Jeff Mann


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