The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association
Drum Major Contest Regulations

Issue 2 January 1989


      Preferably black brogues but ordinary plain black shoes acceptable.
      Brown brougues/shoes also acceptable if in keeping with remainder of uniform (i.e. brown belts are being worn).
      Must be clean and polished.
      Suede shoes are not acceptable.
      Worn tight to the leg and rear point in line with centre of hose seam.
      All parts of spat must be clean.
      Worn three fingers distance from bone at outside of knee joint.
      Patterns/seams vertically straight.


      Both flashes to be worn of equal length on both legs.
      Leading edge of front flash to be vertically up front of leg.
  • Kilt
      Clean, neatly pressed and free from creases.
      Inside and outside aprons securely fastened by buckle and resting just above the half way mark of the knee cap.
      Pattern to be centred at front of body.
      Hem to be even in height from front to rear and side to side.
      All parts clean, tidy and neatly brushed.
      Worn centrally over front apron of kilt so that cantle is one hand's breadth below waist belt buckle.
      Clean and free from creases/crushing.
      All buttons present and firmly attached with design correctly oriented.
      Insignia, if worn, to be firmly atached with no loose threads evident.
      Front of military tunics to be level with lower edge of waist belt.
      Shoulder epaulettes on military tunics to be firmly attached with the small tapes pointing forwards.
      Collar badges, if worn, to be clean and located at equal distances from front of collar (Approximately 1")
      Clean with buckle polished and centred at front of body.
      Worn firm to body with sufficient tightness to permit insertion of one finger only between the belt and body.
      Runners on belt to be pushed up hard to belt buckle.
      Should not cover buttons on rear of tunic.
      Worn level from front to back of body.
      Clean with buckle polished.
      Worn over the right shoulder to the left side of waist and secured by waist belt being worn over the top at the rear, the cross belt to be worn outside the waist belt at the front.
      Worn underneath plaid with lower edge of buckle worn over plaid.
      Slider pushed up hard to lower edge of plaid.
  • DIRK
      Clean with all items polished.
      Worn attached to waist belt on right front hip 2-3" and centred between waist belt retaining hook and buckle.
      Clean and tidy.
      Worn on right shoulder to left side of waist and worn over the top of waist belt.
      Tassels to be to rear of left hand when at attention position.
      Worn under cross belt and plaid.
      Clean and tidy with no loose threads evident.
      Worn over left shoulder (under epaulette) to right waist, over cross belt and waist belt.
      Clean, neatly pressed and free from creases.
      Worn over left shoulder and under right arm, pulled firm to the body.
      Edge of plaid level with top of left spat point at rear of leg with fringe haning down below this level.
      Lower edge of plaid horizontal and parallel with ground.
      Leading edge of plaid and front face of plaid secured by plaid brooch.
      Clean, neatly pressed and free from creases.
      Worn over left shoulder and secured with a plaid brooch at front.
      Secured around waist at rear and hanging so that pleats match with the set of the kilt.
      Clean and polished.
      Worn on front of left shoulder, tightly securing plaid, with design upright.
      Upper edge of brooch not to be above top of the shoulder level.
      Clean and tidy with tails neatly pressed (not creased).
      Worn with point of glengarry in line with nose, 1" above left eyebrow and 1/2" above right eyebrow.
  • Balmoral
      Clean and tidy with tails neatly pressed (not creased).
      Worn level on forehead 1/2" above eyebrows.
      Cloth top part pulled over right side of head, tails or bow centred on rear of head.
      Clean and tidy with tapes neatly pressed (not creased). All tails showing.
      Worn level on forehead 3/4" above eyebrows.
      Tapes centered on rear of head, chinstrap worn on point of chin with no loose straps evident.
      Clean and tidy.
      Attached securely to headgear.
      Clean and polished.
      Attached securely to headgear.
      Clean and tidy.
      Worn approximately 4" up and 3" from right hand side of kilt front apron, in keeping with the set of the tartan.
  • MACE
      Clean and polished, with cords/chains clean, tidy and securely attached.
    Worn inside hose of right leg in centre of front-right portion of leg with handle only showing and scabbard concealed by hose.


The comments entered on the Adjudication sheet shall clearly show the reason for the points deduction for all sections with the exception that, at major championships, comments will only be given in respect of the dress section.

The adjudicators shall allocate points as follows:



Maximum available = 20 points
One point shall be deducted for each fault found in accordance with the preceding regulations for dress.

Competitors successfully reaching the final of the competition shall have the points allocated for the above section carried forward and added to those achieved in the final.


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