Music Development of the Arts and Performance (MDAP)

Ross Naismith


The MDAP (Music Development of the Arts and Performance) Committee has been formed to help promote piping, drumming, tenor drumming, bass drumming and drum majoring within WUSPBA.  This is an extremely positive endeavor for WUSPBA, we need this now more than ever.  Every branch will have direct involvement in running these gatherings with the overall structure being set-up and designed by myself, Co-Chair Eli Fugate and our committee.  We are here to encourage everyone to simply get out and play more, specifically in front of our peers.  This can only help everyone become a more well rounded player.  Right away I see all branch committees being crucial in two aspects: 1) helping to get the word out when these gatherings are ready to go; and 2) securing a location with good parking.  The MDAP Committee looks forward to working with everyone in the near future.

Thanks so much,

Eli Fugate / Paul Gibson

MDAP Committee Co-Chairs