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The first PCPBA AGM was held in January 1964 in Santa Maria.

Draft information:

The following have not be confirmed from written sources.

1963 [Interim president] Glen Smith (DM of the Caledonian Pipe Band) or Sam Sweetman
1964-1973 J. Stanley Patterson [Conficts 1970 claim by Janet MacLean.]
1974 Tom Kinnear
1975 Murdo MacDonald (United Scottish Society of Southern California)
1976* John McKernan (L.A. Scots.)
1976*-19?? Ozzie Reid

*John McKernan didn't serve a full term because he repatriated to Scotland with his daughter who married a fellow Scot from Edinburgh.

Chris Hossack: "I also think John Massie was President for a few years in the 70's or early 80's."


The following is a draft.


PCPBA - Pacific Coast Pipe Band Association

Year President Vice-President General Secretary
1964 Stan Patterson Calvin Biggar
1965 Stan Patterson Calvin Biggar
1966 Stan Patterson Calvin Biggar
1967 Stan Patterson Calvin Biggar
1968 Stan Patterson Calvin Biggar
1969 Stan Patterson Calvin Biggar
1970 Stan Patterson Ozzie Reid? Calvin Biggar
1971 Stan Patterson Calvin Biggar
1972 Stan Patterson Calvin Biggar
1973 Stan Patterson Calvin Biggar
1974 Tom Kinnear Calvin Biggar
1975 Murdo MacDonald Calvin Biggar
1976 Bill Casteen, M.D.?? Calvin Biggar
1977 Ozzie Reid Calvin Biggar
1978 Ozzie Reid Calvin Biggar
1979 Ozzie Reid Calvin Biggar
1980 Ozzie Reid Tony Clark-Stewart Calvin Biggar
1981 Ozzie Reid Les Joslin Calvin Biggar
1982 Les Joslin Mark Dennis Calvin Biggar
1983 Les Joslin Mark Dennis Calvin Biggar
1984 Mark Dennis Campbell Naismith Christina Biggar
1985 Christina Biggar

In 1986 the PCPBA becomes...
WUSPBA - Western United States Pipe Band Association

Year President Vice-President Executive Secretary
1986 Mark Dennis Chris Hossack Christina Biggar
1988 Chris Hossack Jerry Golanty Ozzie Reid
1989 Chris Hossack Alan Weidlich Ozzie Reid
1990 Chris Hossack Alan Weidlich Ozzie Reid
1991 Chris Hossack Alan Weidlich Ozzie Reid
1992 Chris Hossack Alan Weidlich Ozzie Reid
1993 Chris Hossack Bill Merriman Scott MacDonald
1994 Susan Thornton Bill Merriman John Creager
1995 Susan Thornton Bill Merriman John Creager/Margaret Craig*
1996 Susan Thornton Liz Steuber Jeff Mann
1997 Susan Thornton Liz Steuber Jeff Mann
1998 Tim Gladden Liz Steuber Drew McPheeters
1999 Tim Gladden Jim Laughton Drew McPheeters
2000 Chris Hossack Jeff Mann Drew McPheeters
2001 Chris Hossack Kevin Blandford Drew McPheeters
2002 Kevin Blandford Stuart Baker Amanda Hammond
2003 Kevin Blandford Stuart Baker Amanda Hammond
2004 Stuart Baker Jan Richey Lise Nelson
2005 Stuart Baker Jan Richey Lise Nelson
2006 Andrew Morrill Jan Richey Lise Nelson
2007 Andrew Morrill Jan Richey Lise Nelson
2008 Andrew Morrill Jan Richey Jeff Mann
2009 Andrew Morrill John Biggar Jeff Mann
2010 John Biggar Jeff Mann Mike Terry
2011 John Biggar Mike Terry Andrew Lenz Jr.
2012 John Biggar Mike Terry Andrew Lenz Jr.
2013 Jeff Mann Stuart Baker Andrew Lenz Jr.
2014 Jeff Mann Stuart Baker Erin Gunn
2015 Jeff Mann Drew McPheeters Erin Gunn
2016 Andrew Morrill Drew McPheeters Erin Gunn
2017 Andrew Morrill Drew McPheeters Erin Gunn
2018 Kevin Conquest Drew McPheeters Christina Marshall
2019 Kevin Conquest Suzan Karayel Christina Marshall
2020 Jeff Mann Larry Erdmann Christina Marshall

*Note: John Creager resigned as Exec.Secretary mid-term and Margaret took over.

WUSPBA Life Members:

Stuart Baker - WUSPBA President 2004-2005
James "Jimmy" McColl - Piping Adjudicator, Gold Medalist Piper
Donald Cameron
Bill Merriman - Piping Adjudicator, WUSPBA Vice President 1993-1994
Tom Foley - Drumming Adjudicator, WUSPBA Newsletter Editor
Roddy Mackay - Long time Organizer of the Monterey (Calif.) Games, Drum Major
Andrew Morrill - WUSPBA President 2006-2009
Catherine Cameron
Margaret Craig - Long time Games Organizer, Executive Secretary (partial-1995)
John Massie
Jeff Mann - ANAPBA founder, WUSPBA administrator for over 17 years.
John Biggar - WUSPBA President 2010-2012, long time games organizer, son of Calvin & Christina     Biggar, WUSPBA General Secretaries

The office of WUSPBA Past President carries an automatic Life Membership.

The following was compiled by John Creager, former WUSPBA Executive Secretary and first webmaster:

History of the WUSPBA

The Pacific Coast Pipe Band Association (PCPBA)
The following is from Emily Ann Donaldson's book, THE SCOTTISH HIGHLAND GAMES IN AMERICA, 1986, Pelican Publishing Company, Gretna. The comments in square brackets [ ] are my own, based on information from several of the early participants in the association - notably Calvin Biggar and Charles Capperauld.


On August 31, 1963, . . . representatives of several pipe bands from Northern and Southern California met in Santa Rosa [in the Town House Motel, across Santa Rosa Avenue from the El Rancho] to discuss the feasibility of forming a pipe band association. Several factors led to this meeting, including inadequate judging and lack of rules for band competitions.

The PCPBA was formally organized on January 18 and 19, 1964, in Santa Maria. A steering committee consisting of a chairman and ten members was elected to represent pipers and drummers from both areas of the state. They were:

Chairman: Sam Sweetman of San Francisco [piper, later in L.A. Scots]

Northern California members:

Pipe Major Thomas Arthur "Topmmy"
P/M Thomas "Tom" Kinnear [Lockheed Pipe Band about a year as PM]
Drum Sergeant John Paterson [San Francisco Caledonian P.B.]
Drum Major G. Allen Smith [San Francisco Caledonian P.B.]
Stan Patterson [piper and president, Lockheed Pipe Band]

Southern California members:

Trevor Atkinson [drummer, L.A. Scots]
John Hynd [piper, L.A. Scots]
P/M James McColl [Highland Society P.B., Los Angeles]
James Thomas [P/M James "Jim" Thomson, L.A. Scots]
P/M John Rosenberger [Cameron Highlanders of San Diego].

Expansion Beyond California
The PCPBA was founded to govern pipe bands in California and originally had two branches, the north and the south. The organization expanded in 1984 and went beyond the boundaries of California. The new intermountain branch included bands in such states as Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.


The WUSPBA is Born
The following is from my (John Creager) own recollection of the events and is open to corrections and additions.

In 1986, the Association was incorporated in the State of California, assuming the new name, The Western U. S. Pipe Band Association. The new name was intended to better reflect the wider region encompassed by the addition of states outside of California and well inland from the Pacific coast.

Reincorporated as a Nonprofit Corporation
In 1994, the WUSPBA reincorporated in the state of Nevada as a nonprofit corporation.

Ongoing WUSPBA History Project

The St. Andrew's Society of San Francisco has in its library the records of the association dating from its beginning up to the early 1990s. It is hoped that one of us will have the opportunity to review and copy some of this material soon.

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