The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association
Drum Major Contest Regulations

Issue 2 January 1989


In the event of a tie occuring, the following priority order shall be employed for the separation of 'tied' competitors

  • Marching and Deportment total
  • Flourishing total
  • Foot Drill subtotal
  • Flourish Variety subtotal
  • Mace Drill subtotal


    Adjudication shall commence with the command to the competitiors, issued by the adjudicator, to come to attention.Both heats and finals shall consist of a minimum length of competition equivalent to 2 1/2 lenghts of the defined contest field. (If time/space permits, the duration may be increased at the adjudicator's discretion).

    The adjudicator shall issue instructions to the competitors nominating the points at which turns shall be made and identifying the position at which the competitors shall halt.

    On approaching the turn points, the competitors shall give the mace signal to signify the approaching turn and, at the point, execute an about turn movement.

    On approaching the halt point, after completing the required number of lengths of the contest field, the competitors shall give a mace signal in preparation to halt, mark time in line with the set marker until the end of the part of the music currently being played and halt at the end of that part.

    During the next succeeding double forte of the music, the competitors shall give a mace signal to stop the band playing.

    On completion of the above, the adjudicator shall give the command for the competitor to stand at ease. This signifies the end of the contest.


    Prior to the commencement of the contest, the competitors shall be divided into heats for the purpose of adjudication.The maximum number of competitors permitted in any one heat shall be five.

    At the end of the adjudication of all aspects of the heats, a suitable number of competitors scoring the highest points shall go forward to recompete in a final.

    The rules governing the number of finalists shall be as follows:

    Major Championships - 5 competitors

    Other Contests - At the discretion of the discretion of the National Council Representative


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