By Jan Richey

If you were raised in Scotland, there’s a chance bagpiping or drumming was a part of your education, but for most people in the states, our road to pipe bands or solos was more circuitous - and likely more interesting. Even once you got your taste for ‘the skirl of the pipes’ or the heart pounding sound of the ‘most difficult drumming in the world’, the path to mastery was likely largely dependent on who was instructing you.

We at Seanchaidh (pronounced ‘shannakey’), under the guidance of Lise Nelson, a professional storyteller, are on the hunt for good stories - ones that resonate with others, ones that amaze or amuse, ones that bring us closer together as an organization that spans several states and generations.

Besides hearing how you got started, if that’s an interesting tale (and most of them are!), we would love to hear about the person (or people) who have made a difference in your life through their teaching of you. Whether it’s the piper or drummer who got you going on the instrument or one you’ve met later in your journey who really inspires you, please tell us about him or her.

We are working out how exactly these stories will be shared, and it sounds like they may end up in a blog format so that interested readers can explore and learn. The longer your response, the fewer people may read the entire thing - but only you know what information most needs to be included.

So first we must hear from you, the pipers and drummers of WUSPBA. Please write to us at We’ll need to know your name, instrument, how long you’ve been playing, if you are in a band - that sort of info. You do not need to share your age, but it would be nice to know if you were a young’n as a beginner or came to this world as an adult. How’d you get here? Who helped you do it? What are a couple of favorite memories?

We can’t wait to read and share your stories as well as get our own into print!

Sincerely, The Office of the Seanchaidh - Lise Nelson, Susan and John Thornton, Brendan O’Leary, and Janice Richey


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